Approved Driving Instructors

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How did my details appear on your site?

Someone looking for an Approved Driving Instructor in your coverage area did a search and we retrieved your data directly from the UK Government and presented it to the potential student. We only collect your data from when someone is actually looking for an instructor in your area, it's a live lead. We store this data for a short period of time, this is so we don't damage the site by hitting them with lots of traffic, if new searches are made for your area during that short period of time we return our records instead of popping back to and asking them for their information, otherwise we ask them for the latest information.

Why is this site better than having my details on

We make it easier for potential students to find you by promoting our site and, as said before, we will have services that simply aren't available by any one else. Our aim is to be the best site for prospective pupils to find an Approved Driving Instructor, so we hope you'll get on board as we build our services.

How can I manage my data?

At the minute you need to follow the instructions provided by the UK Government. Very soon though we will be providing lots of features that aren't on the site, or on any other site for that matter. For updates go here.

How can I improve my listing on your search results page?

Very soon we'll be introducing tools for you to be able to supplement the data that we find relating to you. You'll be able to add additional information that will help potential students ensure that you are the best match for their driving experience. Providing specific information about the services you supply will enable a potential student to make a more informed choice, thus you'll naturally move up the search rankings.

What if I don't want to be listed on your site?

We'll be sorry to see you drop off our list and very shortly we'll provide an automated way for you to remove yourself from our search results list.

Last updated on 9 March 2018.