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What are our aims?

We aim to be the best and most relevant source of information for Approved Driving Instructors within the UK. We do this by supplementing the data found on with information provided by those instructors.

In addition to this we aim to provide a toolset that will allow instructors registered on our site to provide a high quality of service to their pupils. We're still in the process of building these tools but very soon each instructor that registers with us will have the opportunity to use these tools to help provide feedback to their pupils.

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Giving students the best

We only list fully qualified Approved Driving Instructors registered with the UK Government, find out more about what that means here.

Trainee driving instructors will not be listed in our search results. However, trainee driving instructors can do a limited amount of teaching to gain experience and must display a pink badge in their windscreen to indicate that they are not yet fully qualified.